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About us

We are a small company, based near Crediton, who specialise in IT ... which in today's technological climate invariably means websites and mobile apps

We were established in 2003 but as individuals have skills reaching as far back as the 1980s - does anyone remember the ZX81!?

Our diverse backgrounds enable us to provide a wide range of services ... and if we can't do it ourselves, we'll know someone who can!

Sarah Green

Photograph of Sarah Green


I tend to focus on the creative and problem-solving capabilities of IT rather than the technical aspects per se. Half the fun is in analysing the problem ("Why?" is my favourite word!) and finding a good solution. The technical detail (although absorbing) is just a means to the end.

The internet offers tremendous opportunities for businesses and individuals to market and express themselves but successful websites also need structure and functionality to be something more than just a pretty picture. I have to confess to hating the likes of Facebook and Twitter which just serve to spew out an endless stream of spam in a "write-once, read-never" blog.

Working "brighter" for me is about flexibility and originality - both for us and our customers.